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Facilitated by Ronen Kovalsky


Imagine a play based on a story from your life. Imagine the possibility of learning about your life from other people's stories. Imagine the  chance to witness and play in other people's stories while learning something about yourself.

Therapeutic Playback Theatre uses the essence of the healing power of theatre. This is done by creating a potential play space for different inner subjective states and enables a metaphorical expression of that state allowing one to process the experience for self-examination and personal growth.


Therapeutic Playback Theatre holds the essence of the healing power of the theatre art form. Based on the story and the inner subjective content enrolled in it, the Therapeutic Playback Theatre creates a potential play space.This enables a metaphoric expressi of suppressed inner subjective content. Absorbing the content and reintegrating it, becomes more possible. (טקטס חלופי נלקח מדף אחד


During our sessions we will explore different techniques from the field of Therapeutic Playback Theatre. The participants will witness their own personal content processed into a theatrical event and also participate in the processing of another's personal content in a different theatrical event. This emphasizes the personal experience enactment as meaningful for both the participant who tells his story and for the entire group. This enables the participants to reflect upon their life events in new ways.


In Therapeutic Playback Theatre one can dive into imaginary worlds and also find universal common ground. Based on a story, a potential play space is created, in which one can explore, examine, and create different options for viewing the story, and even fantasize and change the ending or an undesired process. Doing so presents life gives life a sense of as an active creation for the active man, enabling him to live with the feeling of autonomy and enhanced control.


The continuous work of the group enables a deep inquiry into the relationship between one's inner voices as they are reflected through relationship systems in the group. This intensifies corrective experiences of empathy and regeneration. All of that is done with dramatic action, improvisation and playing.

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