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A senior drama therapist, accredited supervisor by I.C.E.T. (Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies), A lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, at Tel Hai Academic College in Galilee and many more institutes for higher education in Israel and around the world. She developed the "Six keys" method for assessment in Drama Therapy and "Dramatic resonance" method.  She hsas published many articles in the field of Drama Therapy.

Professor Mooli Lahad

Among the first pioneers in the field of Drama Therapy in Israel and around the world, he is the founder and the first manager of the institute for Drama Therapy studies at Tel-Hai  Academic College. He is one of the top experts in the world in post trauma ,crisis and stress relief treatment. He has written many books and articles in these fields. He runs the training program for Ceative Art Therapy at "Tel Hai"  Academic College, and serves as a guest --professor in similar programs around the world. He is one the founders and the academic director of the PHD Program for Drama Therapy studies in Roehampton , Britain. He is the founder and Director of the  CSPC - The International Stress Prevention Centre in Kiryat Shmona.

Mr. Ronen Kovalsky

A Senior clinical psychologist and supervisor in therapy and diagnostics and senior lecturer and supervisor in "Winnicott Center"in Israel, the "Lezli" College Extension, the Institute for Drama Therapy Studies at Tel-Hai  Academic College.  He performs, writes and directs in several theatres. He founded the "West Bank Group Theatre" and the German-Israeli theatre project named  "The Third Generation" . Kovalsky won the ARENA award for new directors. He is engaged in the community and the therapeutic aspects of the Playback Theatre since 1991. He is the founder and co-manager of the Israeli institute for Therapeutic Playback Theatre.

Mr. Avi Hadari

A senior drama therapist

דרמה תרפיסט, גשטלטיסט, מנחה קבוצות ובמאי תיאטרון. מדריך בכיר בדרמה תרפיה ובגשטלט. מלמד ביחידה ללימודי המשך והשתלמויות בבית הספר לעבודה סוציאלית ע"ש בוב שאפל באוניברסיטת תל-אביב, ובסמינר הקיבוצים.

Ms. Galila Oren 

A senior drama therapist, among the founders of the field of Drama Therapy in Israel. She is the director of the Green Valley Extension for Drama Therapy studies at Tel Hai Academic College. In addition to that, She has taught Drama Therapy at the Lezli College Extension, Beit Berl College  and at the University of Haifa.

Dr. Avi Bauman

A senior clinical psychologist and a Jungian Analysis supervisor. He is the president of the Israeli institute for Jungian Psychology. He was the head psychologist in Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem. He has written many articles in the field. He teaches in the Lezli College Extesion.

Ms. Yael Doron

A psychologist and a group analyst. She is the owner and director of the Zoogot Institute. She teaches group facilitation in the Central School For Social Workers in Tel Aviv  and in the School For Psychotherapy of in Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. She write  in the field of group analysis.

She is a drama therapist and a supervisor. She engages both in therapeutic and performative playback since 1996. She manages the playback group theatre named "Marot" in which she also directs and performs. She teaches at the Institute For Drama Therapy Studies, Tel Hai Academic College. She is a therapist in the "Telem Institute", individuals and couples psychotherapy and family therapy.

Mr. Nir Raz

He is a playback group facilitator, an experienced  playback director and performer. In the last few years he does research in the field of Therapeutic Playback Theatre. Won the best actor award in the autumn theatre festival of  " SUZANNE DELLAL center, and at "The Entire Country As A Stage" festival at "Tzavta" Theatre.  Nowadays works as a medical clown at the Shcneider Medical Center, and as a story teller and stage performer. He is the founder and co-manager of the Israeli institute For Therapeutic Playback Theatre.

Ms. Shoshi Keisari

A drama therapist in public and private therapy centers for children, adolescence and adults. Doctoral student at the Haifa University. My research focuses on the integration between life review therapy and playback theatre with older adults.; M.A School of creative arts therapies – Haifa University; Graduated the Drama therapy program in Tel-Hai College.

DR. Liat Ayalon

She Has a P.H.D in Psychology from the Tel-Aviv University , specialization in Biological Psychiatry and  Brain Science . She is a faculty member at the University Of California San Diego. She teaches brain science and movement at the School For Art Therapy at the University Of Haifa. Her fields of research include cognition, sleep disorder, brain functions, MRI, brain injuries and biological clocks.

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