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Psychotherapeutic Studies

A two year advanced diploma course in group psychotherapy through playback theatre

The program will focus on facilitating therapeutic playback groups of different populations. In addition, we will learn ways to combine different perspectives and interventions inspired by the playback theatre: In individual therapy and in group therapy with different systematic backgrounds.


We will theoretically examine and experience central psychoanalytical constructions, their realization in Therapeutic Playback Theatre, and its implications on facilitation techniques.


During the course of our studies, both the contemporary central theories of psychoanalytical psychotherapy and group therapy, and the connection between the theories to the clinical practice of Therapeutic Playback Theatre, will be examined.

We will deepen our understanding of the theoretical constructions of Melanie Klein, Winnicott, Jung, Kohut, Bion, Ogden, Bollas, Balint, Mitchell and Foulkes, and the way these theories can be reflected in the therapeutic process as a leverage for growth and  change.

Central concepts of these theories are integrated in the study program, and together with the participants, we will explore the different scenes through the lenses of these concepts. By doing so, we aim to enrich and deepen the ability of the therapists to analyze the contents and process within the treatment from different angles.

In addition, there will be a thorough examination of the mental and therapeutic processes used during improvisational theatre. These processes serve as a foundation for the potential play space to develop. We will examine the different possibilities to implement these processes in Therapeutic Playback Theatre.

In our first academic year we will focus on learning the different theoretical inspirations: Improvisation theatre, Playback Theatre, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Dyadic Therapy, Role Analysis In Group Dynamics, Archetypal Thinking, The Healing Power of the Metaphor, Psychodrama and Therapeutic Playback Theatre, using Legends and Myths in Therapeutic Playback Theatre and Dramatic Resonances.

In our second academic year, we will focus on therapeutic clinical practical work which will be intimately supervised. This will serve as another aspect to deepening the understanding and the ability to implement the analytical theoretical constructions of the Therapeutic Playback Theatre in the clinical sessions.

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